At Raleigh Super Con a Soap Maker Save me .

Written by Rob Andersin

 So as many of you know I am Disabled and have mobility issues. I try really hard to hide it and do PT daily to keep as mobile as possible. For the Raleigh Comic Con, I was late and couldn’t use the Dock. SO I had to walk in the supplies using a Hand truck. I deiced to rush it and taking to many things at once.  A cooler on wheels and a hand truck full of boxes.  Quickly I began to have trouble as my Back acted up.  Overcame a great guy Eric Liebig who saved me.  Turns out he makes soap and was at the con selling them.  They are really cool and be found here   Despite carrying his own stuff gave me a hand when I really need it.  He was a prime example that the world is still full of great people.  I wound up getting the Fight CLub soap above not only was it cool but how couldn’t I support such a great guy. 

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