No Road Home: Issue #0-Swords, spells, monsters, and mutants! . . .

No Road Home: Issue #0, 22-page, color, comic book

Join a group of teens as they see a Post-Apocalyptic, American Renaissance for the first time. Swords, spells, monsters, and mutants!

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Cranky Angel Studios would like to welcome you to a Kickstarter for our First Book, No Road Home.

     Why a Zero Issue?  No Road Home is the launching point for Nighthawks#1 and Gray Sun Corps.#1, two paths down the same road.  In this we mean you’ll get to see a story unfold from two very different points of view. This all begins with No Road Home.

Let’s talk about the Story

     The year is 332 A.B., (After the Burn), and we meet our hero’s underneath a mountain, planning an escape.  When the world turned on its head, the United States Government was prepared.  D.U.M.B. sites can be found all over the country.(Deep Underground Military Base).  If you are familier with the fallout series, then you have an idea of what we are talking about.  The majority of our underground bases have opened the doors back to the surface. There are even a few who have built cities at mountain base entrances.

     Unfortunately for Dusty and his friends, they were raised in the slave mines underneath a D.U.M.B. site that never opened it’s doors.



Created by Trent Dugas,

Written by Chuck Pineau,

Interiors by Douglas Brown,

and Colors by Valerie,

 The cover was drawn by Jeremy Goochinteriors by Douglas



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