Shaman’s Destiny # 1 Review

Destiny.  It’s a trope I don’t particularly like because it has a tendency to remove agency from characters in the world.  As frequently as it’s used, when it is subverted it’s satisfying.  The latter is the case in Shaman’s Destiny #1 from Big Tree Comics (with art, lettering, and story by the multi-talented Kyrun Silva).  Just when you think this is going to be a coming-of-age story about 20-year-old Malik accepting his destiny as the guardian of the Earth – his trip through the Mexico desert paralleling his character growth – the script flips.  We get some basic introduction to Malik’s shamanic powers when he fights some demons and zombies, but we also learn that he’s way over his head despite several months of training.  I can’t give much more of the plot away without spoiling it, but the last page has to be seen to be believed, and if it doesn’t hook you for the remaining five issues of the miniseries, nothing will.  The art leaves no room for confusion and the fact that Silva was able to do this whole thing as a one-man show is highly impressive.  I recommend this comic for anyone who likes something familiar enough to be relatable while also being different enough to be enjoyable.


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