Replicator is the Real Deal!


Replicator opens to a mass virus hitting London, forcing them to wall off the city proper. The destruction and desolation, the bleakness outside of the wall is so strong that I immediately consider other similarly themed titles, such as V for Vendetta, or The Last of Us. The parallels to similar mediums disappear quickly as politics, family drama, and even Vigilante justice attack the senses.

This attack is only strengthened by incredible interiors performed by Armin Ozdic and Ross Campbell. Not only does it feel completely appropriate to the subject matter, but it does exactly what good art should; it elevates it.

The tale was so furiously told that when I was finished I was left with several questions: What just happened? Who is that masked stranger? When does the next issue come out?!


Luckily the answer to the last question might provide the answers for my other questions. Check out the Kickstarter for issue 2 at It funded rather quickly, so rest assured, you will have a copy in hand.

By Chuck Pineau


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