Fetish Babies isn’t just another sexy book

Written by Chuck Pineau,

Silent Hill taught me a long time ago that whether you appreciate a specific genre or not, a good story can make any subject palatable. So just as horror isn’t normally a go-to genre for me, niether is erotic bdsm. Upon finding Fetish Babies at my doorstep I decided to give it a chance. Rob and Alyssa Andersin craft a tale that very quickly puts you in the place of Barbara, a college student escaping the prying eyes of her small home town for the open minded world of New York City. She has it in her head that her dreams of a fetished future are ahead of her, but she finds much more than she could ever expect. I won’t give away any more of the narrative, but I have to say it definitely made me want to see where Barbaras journey leads.

What lead me from one page to the next, besides the story, is the gorgeous art of Satine Zillah. The book feels like one beautiful poster after another. You could flip to any random page and be happy holding that picture as a print for your collection. Though not suitable for all ages there is no point where this felt over the top or outlandishly lewd. Every image and every word carried the story forward without ever sacrificing itself to the “sex sells” motif.

Take this time to get on board with the Fetish Babies. Volume two is now on Kickstarter and by all accounts looks to carry the series onward and upward. Check out the Second story or even get the 1st story oon Kickstart by Clicking here


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