Martin Dunn is Doing A-OK, stop saying otherwise.

I got to hang out with the GREAT INDIE COMIC BOOK CREATING FORCE know as MARTIN DUNN in between Fans hitting my table at MEGACON TAMPA BAY. As we caught up the topic of peoples assumptions over how Martin Dunn is going through a midlife crisis and about him giving up comics came up. I knew better and we got a laugh out of most of it. Mind you they are rumors that I hope to dispell in this piece. But Know this, MARTIN DUNN is far from done MAKING COMICS!!

     Martin Dunn Started this year with an unexpected and traumatic loss.  This led him to reflection over his life showing the simple truth, that LIFE is not a Given. Now Martin was honest about how he felt and said he needed time to grieve and re-evaluate his future.  This was taken instantly as him Quitting Comics. Understand MANY CREATORS have taken breaks.  As Creators sometimes we need time away from creating to recharge and become inspired.  However, when creators like Martin Dunn take breaks they simply scale back on the amount of work, they never stop creating.  Martin continued to work on Indie Comics and within pro Comic circles.  Martin just did not put out his usual overwhelming amount of comics, that most creators would take 5 years to create, which he does in a single year. Martin even started a NEW LINE OF COMICS called Punk House Press.

           Martin Dunn got BACK into MUSIC.  Martin has been into Music his whole life. This year he just went back to making it a priority. Martin did not just decide to start a band because he had a midlife crisis, he just wanted to play to express how he was feeling. Again, Martin was honest about it and people twisted it into something it wasn’t.

           Finally, Martin went to less Comic Cons and did less Live videos.  SO WHAT?  While he wasn’t at Cons or Making videos he was a Father of 4, Formed a Band, Made Comics, Got Back to his Punk Root, got Married to an Amazing Creator and still managed to inspire creators to create. 

   What did you do this year?

                 The point of this piece is to stop the Gossip about a creator who’s friendship I value. Martin has been Honest about how he has been feeling and what he has been going through.  He is one of the work horses in Indie Comics and has a Draw of unreleased work he can now release over the next 2 years.   That’s how prepared and how much of a hard worker he is.  He made sure he had projects to fall back on in case something came up.  So while many have called him out as having a midlife crisis or quitting comic he has managed to still outwork most of those spreading rumors. Martin Dunn is here to stay and is some to aspire to be like, not take cheap shots at in an effort to try to take his market. It won’t happen cause the King of Indie Comics in The south isn’t giving up his crown, he’s just preparing to conquer new territories in OHIO. Martin Dunn has given so much to indie Comic book creator and he deserves at the very least for everyone to stop speaking for him and accept when he says that he is Ok, that he is OK.


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