A Sad Truth About Facebook Written By Rob Andersin

We have seen over the past Few month Facebook bully creators and now its a war on Fetish. While promoting Fetish Babies used the following art::  Now there is nothing in this art that is distasteful t me, but if someone felt that way It’s over the content, not the art.  What many people don’t realize is Bondage and BDSM does not always end with sex. In fact the relationship can be unsexual in nature. So is Facebook saying there is something wrong with Fetish?  What worse is we edited the picture


Again nothing on here that is any worse and in fact less sexual than some variant covers out there.  I know you think well Rob I don’t do fetish stuff I am ok.  Are you? In January we literally ran a facebook add with that VERY PICTURE. That means in 9 months Facebook has decided to take the role of deciding what we view.  Now I have heard from other creators they are getting dinged for stupid shit.  The FACEBOOK standards arent standards they are guidelines that are enforced at the will of the person at the keyboard.  We are in a TIME where Giants companies are beginning to enforce how we should live. 

I get Facebook is too big to ignore, but where is that line.  When do we say FUCK this and start using myspace again or the next thing?  Facebook is selling our info and bullying creators into buying ads.  I have personally gotten in trouble for sharing ARTIST ART.  This is censorship and its dangerous for us all, not just creators but all of us. To me The BEST way to show them their wrong is to support comics that shake the foundation of comfort in our society that challenge the norm. Yes www.FetishBabies.com  counts but so do stories about LGBTQ, Diversity, and stories about EVEN SEX and SEXUALITY. Support all things that challenge society and be informed before all of the rights for creation are stripped away and we all must shop in the same place read the same things and watch the same things. 

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