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The story of a villain who becomes a hero, a child that was taken, and a war that has only just begun… Dagon is a dark fantasy film noir series about gangster trolls, with hand drawn traditional animation, incredible detail, professional voice actors, strong original characters and an original and complex story plot, Dagon troll world chronicles will go down in history as one of the greatest indie animated films ever made.
Dagon: Troll world chronicles is a dark fantasy film series about gangster trolls, set to the style of 1920’s black and white gangster movies. Fully animated with an amazing voice cast, great story plot and awesome artwork it is unlike anything to be found out there on the web or on the big screen today.
The main character is Dagon, a burned out hitman who feels like life has dealt him a raw deal. Even though he is the best in the trade and feared by both his enemies and his allies he wants out, he wants to retire off-world and set himself up somewhere no one can find him. When he is offered his dream score by the kingpin Kundilla he takes it, knowing full well that it will be his most dangerous job ever. He is commissioned to steal away a “Flesh Item” from an Earth ship arriving on a diplomatic mission, deliver it to Kundilla and get paid. There is just one problem, Dagon is not as cold blooded as he thinks he is and the “flesh Item” turns out to be a human baby girl. Dagon kidnaps the child and sets out to deliver it with his two friends Jaqualin and Maxine.  When Dagon learns that the buyer intends to kill and eat the baby rather than just keep her as an exotic pet as he had originally assumed, the deadly assassin must make a crucial decision… Deliver the child to her death and get paid, or go rogue and return her to her family…
The struggle and epic journey that follows is the tale of three souls seeking redemption, a villain who becomes a hero, a child that was taken, and a war that has only just begun…
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My name is Brit Sellers otherwise known as Gov the Scoffer, I am an indie movie director and animator, together my team and I have pooled all of our expertise and passion into bringing this film Dagon: Troll world chronicles to life, if you would like to help us create this masterwork feel free to donate or to spread the word!
As an indie director, all my films are very personal, my moods and my experience help to influence my work, and as I sketch and bring to life my characters onto the screen I can’t help but feel proud of the team we have brought together and the work we have accomplished so far. Together with my uncle and my brother we are animating the whole movie, and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way, all of our styles really mesh and compliment each other, and the expressions that cross the characters faces and the level of detail put into every scene is really just incredible.
The voice actors who voice our characters are all professional experienced performers, the range of emotion they can express and the scope of characters they can play has amazed me, I honestly don’t believe I could have found better even in Hollywood.
Most films do not have strong characters or a solid story plot, they rely mainly on action scenes and sex appeal to glean their audience, there is no integrity or real passion in movies anymore, its just the same old re-spin over and over again. If you want originality and quality you really have to go to the indie films to get it. Our film will be able to hold its own anywhere you place it, with the indie pro’s or the big Hollywood crowds. Our characters are real. Our story plot is strong. Our style is edgy and raw.
Now its time to bring it to life.

Meet the characters….


The characters are very real, with raw emotions and strong personalities, something usually missing from blockbuster movies which rely heavily on crazy action and wild fight scenes rather than the characters themselves. Dagon is tough and mean, Humphrey Bogart  meets James Cagney, with all the style and presence of Michael Corleone. Everyone he has ever loved has either been killed or has betrayed him, he trusts one person on the troll planet of Goth, and that person is himself. Even though he is a merciless assassin and feels no guilt at torturing or killing his enemies, under it all, he is actually a really great guy. Dagon’s only friend is Jaqualin, a nervous, twitchy water troll who has a phobia of germs and is prone to epileptic fits. Jaqualin is clever and likes to invent things and even if he is a self proclaimed coward he’s loyal and means well. Maxine is Jaqualin’s girlfriend, she is loud, brash and a ball buster broad in every sense of the word. She finds herself reluctantly drawn to the human baby, even though she has never been the mothering type ( she is more likely to punch you out than speak to you).  The villains include a wild variety of gangster hitmen and assassins, strange and wicked creatures that happen upon Dagon and his friends, and the demon from Hellworld, Necrofer, sent out to find and kill them. But the master mind behind all this, the one who ordered the child to be stolen in the first place, was a sick, depraved crime lord named Houngan….




   “The life I have lead for all these years has sanded away the meat, the bone and the Marrow, until only cold hard steel remains… I am not even sure who or what I am anymore….”

Dagon is a burned out hitman who feels like life has given him a raw deal, he wants to retire off world somewhere and find some peace of mind on another planet, he is a mean, tough and ruthless gangster, he has many demons from his past that haunt and torment him… Everyone he has ever loved or trusted has either been killed or has betrayed him. HIs only friend is a water troll named Jaqualin. Dagon is played by the voice actor Tony Black.


                   “Yea, I like the velvet life too, but I ain’t willin’ to die for it…”

Jaqualin is Dagon’s only faithful friend, he owes Dagon his soul for all the times Dagon saved him from death and destruction while growing up in the mean streets of Jumptland. They also have another tie that binds them, Dagon loved Jaqualin’s sister when they were just boys, the sister that died and who he thinks of as a guardian angel. Jaqualin loves Dagon even more than he loves Maxine, he is the brother, father and only friend he has ever known…. But Dagon is the crown of thorns that Jaqualin must bare, because Dagon just might be the death of them all…


” You are a poison to everyone around you Dagon!”


Maxine is a very strong and confident she troll, her only weakness is that Maxine loves Jaqualin, she always has, and she always will. Her views on the world are black and white with very little grey in it. She sees only one big problem. She and Jaqualin have a warm and rewarding relationship that is threatened by Dagons continual interference in their lives, and by Jaqualins loyalty to him. Unaware of the two trolls childhood history together she feels both jealous and excluded by their close bonds of friendship. To complicate this relationship even further, Maxine has always nurtured a secret undeniable attraction to Dagon that she can’t extinguish and this continues to confuse and charge the situation. Maxine feels confident that her and Jaqualins life will settle down happily once she is able to break up the ties that bind Dagon and Jaqualin together and she feels no pain about her unrequited yearnings for Dagon as she believes he will never love any she troll as he is a loner and a hardened bitter hitman with no room in his heart for anyone. Her world is about to turn upside down when a helpless human child comes into their lives that upsets all their previous thoughts, loyalties and beliefs. It will be a miracle if any of them are able to survive. Maxine is played by Josephine Puno.


“So that’s why Houngan wanted that kid, he should know better than to try to cheat me out of a sweet deal like that…”

Kundilla is a sleazy double crossing gangster troll, who acts as a middle-man to the crime lords on Goth. He trusts no one, and is constantly playing both ends against the middle. He is Dagons boss. Kundilla is played by Hunter Mize.


                                  ” It’ll cool off if you wait too long…”

Fluff is a gangster moll, she hangs on the kingpin Kundilla’s arm like a piece of expensive jewelry. The only thing she respects is power. Clever and cool, Fluff is as deadly as she is beautiful .


                                    “I just love children, don’t you?”

Houngan: Crime Boss – one of the most powerful Trolls on Goth, Houngan rules the city of Jumptland.

Cruel and sadistic, Houngan enjoys torturing small helpless things, his plans for the human girl are especially horrible, as he despises the humans, and wishes to start a war between the planets of Earth and Goth. Trade wars, mutual mistrust from both sides, and the recent embargo placed on the drug “Sugar” by the humans has made both worlds hostile, and this final act of treachery could very well push Earth over the edge. Especially since the baby was the daughter of the human Ambassador…


                                                ” Hate is all I have left…”

Laura, Houngans biomechanical gangster fem. More machine than flesh Laura is a fierce and strange creature, no one remembers who she was before Houngan turned her into this. Hate is the only thing keeping her alive…

Feel free to donate to help fund our movie! All funds will be used to help pay for voice actor salaries as well as production and animation costs. Any excess money will go to local charity. Check out all the awesome perks you can get if you donate!

Dagon world chronicles is going to be participating in the Fantasia international film festival in Quebec Canada next year in July, this festival is the largest film festival in America, we are very excited to have our films first complete screening here.

See you in Hollywood!!!

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