Love bites and so do the baddies in Alex Priest #1

The world of Alex Priest opens with the knowledge that Demon hunting and Vampire hunting are work done by corporations or public entities. More relevant is the knowledge that our heroes are Alexandra Priest and Janelle Garcia, ex lovers who unknowingly worked for opposing departments. When Vampires and Demons join forces our heroes need to get over their past and do the same.

This tale is brought to us by Jenn Arledge. The story, though familiar, is filled with moments of subtlety that lead me to believe this ongoing series will keep readers entertained for many issues to come. I have to say, there was a point where what could have been a simple piece of throw-away dialogue reveals our main character to be gender-queer. I love diversity in comics because it’s real, but what I enjoyed even more was that the story didn’t become about Alex’s identity, it was simply a quick view into who they are.

Now it’s time for my little confession: I don’t enjoy manga. I simply don’t enjoy the style. So I must apologize to Scott Malin, the artist for Alex Priest. I can’t speak intelligently on how I feel about your work, though I can say that your line work was solid and clean and there was no confusion in what you were trying to portray.

Getting back to the story and what I CAN speak intelligently about the story was furiously paced, racing towards a conclusion that slingshots you to the next issue. I feel like at some point things are going to need to slow down so we can see how Janelle and Alex working together affects them, however this was our introduction to a world full of dangers and we were given that, and then some.

Take the plunge and pick up Alex Priest 1 as this 5 part series takes off like lightning towards what I can only assume is going to be an exciting finale.

Written by Chuck Pineau

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