Joshuan Somewhere # 1 Review

Joshuan Somewhere # 1 (written and lettered by Dennis Nancarrow, with art by Larry Haines and colors by Matej Stasko, and published by Big Tree Comics) takes us inside the life of lovable loser teenager Joshuan, who, after the death of his father and older brother, is whisked across the universe by a mysterious bracelet that also talks to him and gives him the ability to defeat an alien twice his size.

To be sure, this is a standard hero’s journey, with Joshuan himself even seeming to be aware of this based on his commentary on the situation.  But there are several plot threads teased to help draw one into the story, such as the need to recharge, the possibility of his father being alive in a different body, and just what the bracelet is and why it’s sending him on missions.  And what happened to Joshuan‘s brother?  All of this makes you want to read more.
If you like stories in which an everyday Earthling gains a super-tech item and then is drawn into interstellar heroism such as Green Lantern or Nova, Joshuan Somewhere is for you.

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