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Comics have travelled a long road to currently being seen as a form of art thanks to independent creators taking the lead and producing their own comics. However, there is still more work to do and this exhibition is one format that can be used to continue the journey of comics towards independence. This exhibition, which will be held in a recognized public gallery, will feature the work of five independent comic artists who currently continue the journey of comics independently with their creativity and dedication to the medium. An exhibition like this will help engage members of the public who may not be aware of the potential of comics in their cultural community and give credit that comics are art and that the creators are artists. All we ask of you is to help us cover the rent of the gallery space. Your contributions will help these artists gain the recognition they deserve and help increase public awareness that comics are art.


In January 2018, the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga will be having an exhibition on comics to educate the public how comics are art and that cartoonists are artists. The exhibition, “Comics-The Road to Independence” will host 5 independent creators of various styles and genres. To do this we need to raise $600.00 to cover the rental fee of the gallery space. I ask for you out there to help us by contributing to our fundraising campaign at…/mlac-independent-comic-artists-… There are plenty of great rewards and any support is appreciated. Thank you.

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