Tart is sweet as Hell

When I was handed Tart to review I was given all six issues. No matter how many people told me it was amazing the name just got to me. Tart? Why the hell would you call your book that? And seriously, six issues? I have to read six issues just to review one?

So I went ahead and did it, and I’m really glad I did. This is an ongoing story, so the six issues were completely necessary, and frankly, more than worth it. More importantly, the name Tart quickly made sense. Tart(or Tart Acid as is her full name) is a member of a very small group that travels through time hunting demons in order to keep the timeline proper and unaffected by evil machinations. We get to watch as Tart travels through time, all the while saving it. Time travel and I have a bit of an adversarial relationship, but Kevin Joseph handles it well. All too often we see the trope of “We have to save the day by going back in time because we once went back in time.” Luckily, this isn’t the issue at all.

Another thing I rather enjoy about Tart is that we know very early on that she has deep, emotional scars, but Joseph doesn’t spend all of his time forcing us to deal with them. They come up naturally and are usually pushed aside as quickly as possible so our hero can deal with the problems directly in front of her; Kind of like real life, actually. There’s obviously a backstory to Tart that we aren’t fully privy to, but it is slowly being released as the series moves on. I like this idea as it doesn’t bog the tale down with an origin story, and in fact there is very little details given of Tarts past before becoming a hunter.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the art. Series co-creator Ludovic Salle has laid down the blueprint for the series, so in the first five issues you get his style, which I find reminiscent of Milo Manaras work, though without the heavy erotic tones. For issue six, though, the talented Karl Moline has stepped in. You will notice the difference, as their styles certainly have their differences, but Moline hops in confidently and takes the reins, continuing the breathtaking beauty that is the Tart universe.

Tart #6 has currently rocketed past its funding goal in Kickstarter with several amazing stretch goals having been made. Make your jump into the Tart Universe by backing their Kickstarter at www.kickstarter.com/projects/323223050/tart-6-the-time-traveling-demon-hunter-is-back

Written by Chuck Pineau

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