Gotham Needs a Hero!

Help Support a Local Comic Book Pizza shop called  Gotham City Pizza, and show that its not OK to DESTROY PROPERTY just because you don’t Agree with somones views. As many of you SiNNers know is supportive of the ideas of Freedom of Speech but not Freedom to act any way you want. Disagree with any personal politics or personal beliefs you want but that does not give you the right to destroy propery and certainly not attack a bussiness that simply hosted  a person you disagree withfor a day. These acts are vile and show cowardice, because it shows that some saying something you disagree effects you so much that  you can no longer be a civl person.  And if you aren’t acting Civil than  you aren’t worth listening to. Please help show Bullies they can’t determine how the world will be by acts of volience.  Stand up with Gotham City Pizza

– Written By Rob Andersin

Gotham City pizza, owned by one Marco Falleta, opened in August of this year. The restaurant was born out of the owner’s love for comics and food. Featuring a menu of super hero (And villain!) themed meals, the store is a love letter to all things comic books. Unfortunately, following an event featuring DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver, someone felt it necessary to shatter the front door of this fine establishment, potentially because of Ethan Van Sciver’s appearance specifically. Ethan Van Sciver is a wonderful person who has done nothing wrong, but some comic fans have taken offense to comments that Van Sciver has made about the comic book industry and its critics and felt the need to drag the difference of opinions out into the real world and translate it into vandalism. 

So please, give whatever you can, or feel is necessary. This shop owner does not deserve to be caught in the middle of something they are not connected to. If you cannot donate at this time, simply spread the word, that alone helps a great deal. 

Thank you very much for your donations and whatever help you can bring.

CLICK here to Support Pizza and Comics in Gotham 

Remember insurance won’t cover repair without Deductibles.Deductibles are often more expensive than repairs. The Police have no suspects but are aware of the incident.   It should also be noted that  Gotham City Pizza was not the ones to start the Go Funded me a local supporter was. 

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