Supporting Kickstarter only Takes a Single Dollar!!! . . .

“If you believe in me as a creator aren’t I worth just one single dollar, just to show others you believe in me?”

              We will explain that quote  as we go but it will be important.  So lets start at the beginning.  I was talking about Kickstarters with a Creator and it looked like they were about to miss their goal. I won’t mention who but sadly they did not fund. They knew it when we were talking.  We talked about what went wrong.  On the surface they did everything right. There was no reason they missed based on how it was set up.  So it came down to Support VS Story.  The Story looked interesting and I was a backer based on story alone and the  art was good so I HAVE NO REASON TO BELIEVE it was  that.

       So support.  They have over 3000 people following them just on Facebook.  They missed their goal by only 700 dollars. We talked about the fact that a lot of their fellow creators and supporters  they knew including fans talked about money being tight.  And yeah its after the holidays and the new prez  gives people finical worries and as creators we do struggle at times so yeah times are hard everyone gets that I am sure. Then they said something that would haunt me:

“If just 1/2 of the people on my friends list just gave me a dollar I would have been funded”

That stayed with me as the day moved on.  Running a campaign  my self which can be found right HERE, it made me think  about how many people have told me they can’t help cause money is tight.  But if they all gave me a 1 dollar each that would be 30 bucks. Could a dollar make a difference?         

        Now as I thought about it more I began  think  about the Kickstarter I see,   some get funded by fewer people than others, while others get funded with many supporters but make just as much.  So which is better? Fewer means less work after the kicker and more profits and  yes that seems like a  good thing but  it is also a bad thing.  You see going forward that number of people who joined your Kickstarter matters.  It become a public record of belief . You need money to be funded but you need to keep getting more people to keep going .  Having people just show up and stand with you shows other people how many people believe in you. That’s become a power  thing that you can to go to publishers with looking like strong investment.  It will encourage other fans to join in cause wow look at all that support. Belief is powerful. 

    So going forward I am asking every Creator, Artist,  Fan  and anyone who wants  to support creators to join me in  The 1 Dollar Initiative.  It  simply works this way, commit to give a single dollar to a Kickstarter once a week,  of course you can do more if you want but 1 dollar once a week is all I ask.

      Look at my  friends and fellow creator failed Kickstarter, it  left them wondering what they did wrong.  I know people talk about this person highly so they are now left wondering stuck in a creative hell of doubt.  If he had missed getting funded but had all the people that said they support them actual support them  with just a dollar  this would not have been so hard for them  to handle and they might have been funded.  So if you believe in a person is 1 dollar to much to ask? Could a dollar make a difference?  YES it can. 

Now Creators whether your running a Kickstarter or not please re-post the following:

Can you spare 1 dollar a week to make Dreams come true.  Starting now we aren’t challenging you too but asking you to be a dream maker. Every week spend 1 dollar on a Kickstarter.  You can spend more but at very least 1 dollar a week to show someone they are respected as a creator and you believe in them.  It will mean the world to them  and that support matters in the indie market.

Now if you are running a Kickstarter when someone tells out they are tight on cash and well all get them ask this:

“If you believe in me as a creator aren’t I worth 1 single dollar just to show other you believe in me? So am I worth One Dollar”

Now over the next year we will be keeping up with this and reporting on if it is helping or not and will run this once a week.  It will take time and your support to make this become something for all creators to benefit form.

Here are all the Kickstaters we  cover and  the tops ones are live so please donate a dollar a week to one of the kick starters now running or any of the other hundreds on Kickstarter. Thank you in advance for be being a dream granter.

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