SPoken SiNs:: Marcel Dupree Talking about Kickstarters like Lucky Shot, SFC TAG TEAM and more. Plus Indie Comic Con Tips and more

SPoken SiNs::

Marcel Dupree

Today on the Show we have

Marcel Dupree is The Creator Behind Delilah Blast, Amor, SFC and so MUCH More with MORE coming

Now on Kickstarter with :








RIVAL Angels 




SPeical Prints by Back two Kickstarters

SFC Comics and Last Ember Press has teamed up to bring you this awesome pinup

Marcel Dupree show case his two Different Universes in one Print by Marcelo Trom and Andrea Celestini


This is Kickamania Crossover SFC vs Rival Angels- Season 3- Double Trouble and If you BACK BOTH you get a cool print


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