Creator of Living in the S.O.S. Aaron Drouillard has signed a deal that brings his creator-owned series Living in the S.O.S. to Last Call Comics LLC!


The title was previously published by Rapid Fire Comics LLC. Aaron Drouillard released a short statement on his decision to sever ties with that publisher.

“I am very excited to announce the partnership of my new comic “Living in the S.O.S.” with Last Call Comics publications. This partnership will undoubtedly push the release of Issue 01 beyond expectations reaching distribution levels across the country. Some of you understand that this would suggest my departure from Rapid Fire Comics, and that would be correct. Rapid Fire is a company that I have assisted with for the past seven years as a head writer, graphic designer, and marketing specialist. I am leaving behind many years of working alongside high school friends not in vain, but in the interest of what I feel is best for myself, my family, and what I feel is my place in the industry. I wish everyone I have worked with at Rapid Fire the absolute best in their future endeavors, and look forward to reading the stories that we’ve talked about creating for many years.”

Under the new arrangement, Last Call Comics will assume all publishing duties effectively immediately. Fans of Living in the S.O.S. can expect a reissue of the 1st issue to be available December 1st, 2017.

Here’s a link to the last call comics site announcement.

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