Mr Andersin is Thankful for the Indie Comics Community .

I asked everyone who they were thankful for within Indie Comics that had inspired them. While reading names others spoke of those who had inspired me filled my mind when suddenly I realized something bug,  I was missing the bigger picture.  That is not to say I don’t have Creators from our Indie Comic Community to be thankfully for, that have inspired me and lead down the path, there are many who I owe thanks to for sure.  But there is something bigger than just me and them.  There is the Indie Comic Coumminty. 

I am so Thankful for the Indie Comic Community, the support it provides and inspiration it gives. But I am also worried about the Indie Community.  Infighting and politics, my side vs your side has turned a great community against each other.  We have found ourselves in the middle of an Uncivil War or Words.

I don’t know if you know this about me but I am a history buff. True story I love History. I find there are lessons to be learned from those who once walked the earth before us and right now is one of those moments.  Did you know the reason Thanksgiving is such a huge holiday in America is because of the Civil War? You see after the country was torn apart by war Lincoln knew he needed something to help mend the Country. He brushed off an older holiday mostly forgotten in the states so that it could be used to unite us and remind folks that working together could cause great things to happen. It helped unite our country (for those in USA) and became a time of the year to put things behind us and move forward. 

Now in 2017 we Indie Creators need this be that moment, we need to be able to sit at a table (the internet ) and break bread (creative ideas) and respect each other’s existence.  Indie Comics is more than a Community it is a family and families fight. But the truth is we are all brothers and sisters of creation. Maybe some are distant cousins but still, they are family.  We need to stand with our family and support each other.  We need to understand you don’t have to agree with everything a person says to support them. The best friendships are about bringing different points of views to each other’s attention.  I have been inspired by you all and I am thankful for the changing of the world of creation and comics that we are all responsible for. We create things out of thin air and prove there are new worlds of creation to explore beyond reboots of old ideas. It is time to let the petty and small things go. It is time to fogive and understand its ok to not agree. It is time to be thankfully for being part of a movment of creation that is chaning the world.

So I am Thankful for all of you my brothers, sisters and cousins of creation.  I truly hope we can all come together as a community and continue to change the world, one comic book at a time

Happy Thanksgiving 

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