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Dagon: Troll world chronicles is a dark fantasy film series about gangster trolls, set to the style of 1920’s black and white gangster movies. Fully animated with an amazing voice cast, great story plot and awesome artwork it is unlike anything to be found out there on the web or on the big screen today. The main character is Dagon, a burned out hitman who feels like life has dealt him a raw deal. Even though he is the best in the trade and feared by both his enemies and his allies he wants out, he wants to retire off-world and set himself up somewhere no one can find him. When he is offered his dream score by the kingpin Kundilla he takes it, knowing full well that it will be his most dangerous job ever. He is commissioned to steal away a “Flesh Item” from an Earth ship arriving on a diplomatic mission, deliver it to Kundilla and get paid. There is just one problem, Dagon is not as cold blooded as he thinks he is and the “flesh Item” turns out to be a human baby girl. Dagon kidnaps the child and sets out to deliver it with his two friends Jaqualin and Maxine.  When Dagon learns that the buyer intends to kill and eat the baby rather than just keep her as an exotic pet as he had originally assumed, the deadly assassin must make a crucial decision… Deliver the child to her death and get paid, or go rogue and return her to her family….

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