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Argo 5 Trade Paperback

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WHAT IS THIS? The Argo 5 comic series is chock full of superhero action but additionally delves into the social relationships of the characters. The team faces aliens, demons, mythological deities and bad dates! The story starts with the formation of the team as seen in issue 0 and takes us into their adventures from there.

WHO ARE ARGO 5? Gladiatra is the super-powered and stern team leader. Her boyfriend Shazrath, is the Maltese god of strength. Sci-fi fan, Blue Dynamo, has the power of a blue star. Chain Reaction is a martial arts master with the ability to set in motion actions to bring about a desired result (but also the inability to not act like a jerk sometimes) and Kasira is half-human and half-genie trying to find her place in this world. Billionaire Denny Dennis backs the group even setting them up in their own space station

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