DaiQuan Cain answers 7 DEADLY QUESTIONS about The Silent Descendents

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 What is your Goal and Why That Goal Amount?

“My goal is for $10,000. It’s that amount due to the printing cost of a 100-page hardcover, as well as to pay for the incredible amount of artwork needed for the project, and for reward fulfillment.”

 Why is this project important to you?

“The Silent Descendents are massively important to me because bringing these characters and their story to life has been my one dream since the age of 10 when I created them 16 years ago.”

Why are you using Kickstarter?

“I’m using Kickstarter because it’s the easiest and most recognizable platform, in my opinion. Also, because it offers creators like myself to visually make a case for their project whereas other platforms use a bare-bones approach that isn’t flattering for a comic book project.”

What makes your Kickstarter stand out?

” I believe that my Kickstarter stands out because of the unusually long process that it took to get it to this point in terms of the funding process. Also, because of the exciting amount of media attention that it’s attained within the comic book community.”

Will this be an ongoing series?

“Yes and no. In one sense, there are plans to do two sequels in addition to this first installment – as well as an anthology mini-series – but there’s a conclusion to the story overall, whereas most ongoings are unending in nature.”

How are important are your Stretch Goals?

“Eventually, I’m sure they will be very important! However, that’s a luxury I’d rather deal with when I get to it if I’m lucky enough to, seeing as how I’m only halfway through my initial goal at this point.”

 If you saw this project, pretending it wasn’t yours, what would you think of it and how you would react to it and why?

“I imagine that I’d be happily impressed by the potential of a fresh and new saga in fiction; One with deep characters who all have extensive backstories that could rival any other franchises”

WS Bonus Question: Give ’em the pitch!

“The Silent Descendents” is a project which has been in development for 16 long years. It’s primarily about a family from Yonkers, New York, and their friends as they deal with the aftermath of a deadly school bombing that rocked their community, by seeking justice against the culprits of the attack – each in their own unique way following several of the characters’ reception of superpowers by way of an awakened ancient mysticism.”

“It’s a story about family, with themes of unity, endurance, survivalism, and morality.”

Kickstarter: TheSilentDescendents.com

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