Larry Patrick Higgins answers Nyobi’s 7 Deadly Questions

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What is your Goal and Why That Goal amount?

The Goal is a modest one at $2800, that would be just enough to print the books we need and ship them out. Plus Nyobi needs new boots.

Why is this project important to you?

It’s my dream, anyone who loves comics at one point in their life has had that dream of making them. My dream is now a reality.

Why are you using Kickstarter?

Crowdfunding, all or nothing, largest reach, plus Nyobi likes the color green.

What makes your Kickstarter Stand Out?

We are in an age now where sexy is shunned, not Nyobi, she loves the spotlight.

 Will this be an ongoing series?

Til the day I die or Nyobi runs off with another man.

How are important are you Stretch Goals?

Hey Stretch award those who supported you at the start, it shows them that extras will come there way,and we all love extras.

If you saw this project, pretending it wasn’t your what would do you think of it and how you would react to it and Why?

I love female leads, I love a good sexy cover so I be all over it. Plus we have a great story to tell. ON top of that Nyobi cleans up well.

WS Bonus Questions: Give em the Pitch Creator:

 Buy this book, We stand out from the crowd, again everything happens in cycles and I am bringing sexy back !!!



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