We are looking for ARTISTS and WRITERS and Reporters to continue to grow The Written Sins Network .

Here is the Deal this site is RUN for FREE yet it cost money to run, We do this because there needs to be a site like this.  We refuse to pay for art for the site.  Why?  It defeats the purpose.  This site is meant to show off NEW talent and discover them.  We have done all this and help anyone who asked and never asked for a dime.  Here are some advantages to joining team SiN:

1 Help creators build themselves into a Brand, then help spread the word about that brand!

2 So I have a site I know will do the things for me we all need help with.  And sadly  there was no site that supported indie creator like WrittenSins.com does so here we are!!!!

3 To DISCOVER  new talent.

4 As a Reporter you can possible get into shows for free.

5 you are helping to be an advocate for Indie Comics.

6 WrittenSiNs is your ability to get your name out there in a very positive way.

So if you want to be part of the International Digital Comic Con  email us at Creatorsofwrittensins@yahoo.com and become an advocate For Indie Comics.

All Reporter will be expected to treat an event they attend for us as a professional. Any misconduct and you will be removed. We also expect well written experiences or  perspectives of the event along with pictures. This is not a way to get free tickets it’s an  opportunity  


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