THROW BACK THREAD:: Bob Garr can you best THE 7 DEADLY QUESTIONS without Jacks Help??? .

13474033_10207172324131349_1856117693_nName:  Bob Garr
Pen Name: Lou Ciffer
Location: The Nine Circles Of Hell
Credits: Until We Sleep, BlackJack, The Angel Wars, Hallowtide, Obsolete, Primordials
Creative Title: Writer
Favorite Comic: The Avengers

If you could have a 1 power: The power to obtain all powers


13451028_10207172329531484_782559921_nNow BOB let’s see you survive this: The7Deadly   Questions


Do you feel that you are guilty of over sexualizing women characters for profit? Or do you think the characters themselves choose how sexual they are i.e organic story telling? 
To be honest, I’m tired of the old cliche that women have to be barely dressed to be popular characters in the comic realm. Other than BlackJack, which was created to be a blend of cheesecake and Tim Vigil’s Faust, I don’t have any sex or sexual situations in any of my books. Sex is overrated. Time to make great stories without having to have sex as a selling point.

  What  Major Character do you think is overvalued? 

This should piss a few people off, but I’m truly sick and tired of Wolverine. Enough already with this character, whether it’s a male or female version. A cool character at one time, but now Marvel has shoved him/her down our throats so much, I’m tired of seeing or hearing about him/her.

What is a mistake you have made in your stories you wish you could fix? 
I was too nice for Until We Sleep #1. Not enough death in that issue.

Name a bad habit you had dealing with in others?

Being way too opinionated. I sometimes think I rub people the wrong way. Tough. Suck it up.

You are offered  a million dollars for your Comic Series BlackJack. They want you to sell it out right, no rights or say on the future of the comic remain with you.  They are planning to make it a movie. Would you sell it away and worse not be able to control what Hollywood could do to it.
For millions of dollars, I would have only four words….where do I sign? LOL

What is a goal you have that you need to reach in this lifetime?
  Having UWS Comics become a hugely popular company and making a difference in the comic world. Oh, and total control of the universe.

What  dead character would you revive if you were made a creative god! Oderus Urungus from GWAR

13472173_10207172332251552_1166607247_nSomeone sure hit a big BlackJack Pot today. Fine go ahead go shameless promote yourself in one Paragraph.  We know you’ll have a new project one day and we will get our chance again.  Till than go shamelessly plug away:

If you want to read great books, check out the UWS universe. Written and drawn by comic fans for comic fans. Our first book, Until We Sleep is getting ready to unleash its third issue assault on the Earth in August. The BlackJack Special introduces that 13474276_10207172333371580_1969457939_ncharacter and sets us up for BlackJack #1 this December. Also, our book that will surely piss off the religious, The Angel Wars comes out in August. I am writing a three story ongoing anthology with another company, so the books Obsolete, Primordials and Hallowtide will see the light of day with that book. Not much free time for me, but I love what I do and I hope the readers will too!

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