Digital copy, free download of BUTCH the BUTCHER

Michael Mettlen My publisher just released the 1st issue for free download (Digital copy only) they will be releasing physical prints for sale pretty soon. If you’d like a free comic to read please get your free download at Its a adult comic Horror/Mob genre. Like “The Godfather meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” in a way but with dark humor undertones. Created, written and drawn by me. Lettered by Mike Montalvo. Colored by Federico Sioc Jr. and Cover Art by Bryan Silverbax and published by Nerdanatix. This is the cover to look for. It’s free download digital copy. read on smart phones, tablets and computers. My publisher will be releasing physical print copies for sale pretty soon.

Michael Mettlen Facebook Fan Page for B.T.B. is Michael Mettlen’s Butch The Butcher 4 part COMIC BOOK Series Also after getting your FREE download (Digital comic for B.T.B. is FREE download.) printed copies will be for sale. Please rate the comic. My publisher has added a rating system to the site. Thank you everyone.


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