THROW BACK THREAD:: There are no bean stalks to escapes from The 7 Deadly Questions .

Name: Ellis Villanueva

Creative Position: Penciller

Contact Info: Facebook or email

FAVORITE COMIC BOOK: Growing up: fantastic four

and now: Harley  Quinn

The 1 Superpower you want: Strength

Location: NYC

Your Credits: inking assistant Marvel comics

ren and stimpty small laugh photo

The7Deadly Questions

 ren and stimpy pg1_small

What is the best piece of art you have created and can you tell us why that is the best?

Ren and Stimpy go to Los Vegas

ren and stimpy pg2_small

What comic book title would you die to work on ?

Harley Quinn

ren and stimpy pg3_small

What superhero do you think deserves their own movie ?

Harley Quinn

ren and stimpy pg4_small

Do you think comics make women out to be toys for men to play with?

most do

howard xmas pg1

What superhero is so annoying they must die and stayed dead for ever no reboot no coming back?


howard xmas pg2

If you could out right own any Character every created and than make your own stories for them, who would that character be?


howard xmas pg3

What was the worst super hero movie every made ?

Green Lantern

howard xmas pg4

Well done you have a single paragraph to tell us why we should become fans and what you are working on now:

“working on Pan Nickiez a sci-fi fantasy story about a female mutation. She is the last of her kind and has to avoid capture.”



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