Why Aren’t you, 1ofUs??? Join the over 100 Creators who Came before you.


If you received a Link someone thought you where worth interviewing and so do we. Check out who is already here and who you will be joining. When your Done and are ready to be 1ofUS just email us at CreatorsofWrittenSins@Yahoo.com

and with in 24 hours You will be facing The 7 Deadly Questions. SO below is your Link to our Creators Master List:

Now Welcoming CosPlayers

Now Powered in Part by CosView interviews see below for Details:

You Have Been CosView Challenged

The 7 Deadly Questions:: The MASTER LIST

What are the 7 and who is WS?

??Questionable Characters?? Interview of WS

Meet The 7 Deadly Questions

The 7 Deadly Questions CosView Style

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