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David M. Brown

Nom De Plume:
Teddy Ruxpin
Creative Position:
Co-Founder and Head Writer at Fifth Dimension Comics
Contact Info:
Growing up:
and now:
The 1 Superpower you want:
Toledo, Ohio
Your Credits:
The Wisdom of Fools, Chewler, Obscura #’s 1-6, Victor, The Magician: The Long Day, Plague Doktor (upcoming), Modern Animals (upcoming).

The7Deadly   Questions

want to know DAVE WHATS IN THE BAG!?!?!?!?!”



What is your best work so far and why?
My best work technically speaking is probably The Magician: The Long Day. My writing seemed to improve greatly during this period. The plotting was tight and satisfying, the characters were vibrant and the dialogue was authentic. 
Though it’s my best, it’s not my favorite. That honor belongs to Plague Doktor which has been written for years now and is currently being drawn. Thinking back to when I was writing Plague Doktor, I remember the feeling of finding my muse and really laying into a long piece of work and feeling so damn proud after I typed that final line. 

13307234_10208399393935163_268570006405994879_nWho are your mentors and inspirations and why?
 The great David Lynch is my creative inspiration. There are others but Lynch lords above them all. Lynch just speaks to me in a way no other creator has. He’s fearless and doesn’t seem to care if you ‘get it’ or even like it. What he does, he does for himself and I’d like to think I’ve adopted that stance from him. My work is never for the audience but for me and I consider my writing to be fearless. I’ll go where I want to go, sales be damned.

What is the next big thing in your creative path?
It may sound strange but the biggest thing in my creative path is to just stay creative. I’m currently very far ahead of scheule writing-wise. I’ve got our next 3 books in the can aside from some quick touch up here and there. I don’t like to get insanely far ahead because D.N.S. (Fifth Dimension Comics co-founder and artist) and I collaborate on everything we do. I don’t like to put things in stone before he gets to sink his teeth into the material. 
Our next book (at the moment) is Obscura #6 and it’s going to be our tribute to pure horror. It’s been fun putting it together and really wallowing around in classic horror themes while putting our own twist on it.

581932_10207368064552573_1118459666194640335_nDo you think sex is used cheaply in comics or is it just a reflection of what humans are really all about?
It goes both ways. We have a fairly graphic sex scene in ‘The Magician: The Long Day’ and I feel it’s there for a reason beyond shock value. That being said, I’ve seen sex in books feel very forced and seemingly there to say, “Look, we’re adult themed!”. If used correctly, sex can further characters and be used in clever ways…if not, it can feel like the writer was trying to hard to be edgy. Sex is the most natural thing in the world though so it being used in comics seems like a given, it’s all about HOW you use it.

10418539_10207825912318481_4099801919746475999_nWould you get mad being compared to fellow Creators such as Tarantino?
 Nah. Comparisons are natural. If somebody said that my writing reminded them of Tarantino, I’d be flattered. I could make stink about how I’m absolutely unique in every way but what’s the point? I know I’m not copying anybody’s style. If someone compares me to a master, I’m not going to complain.

13151486_10208289557989333_6327213885729025522_nWhat are your long term goals for all of your projects?
 My ultimate long term goal is to be able to make a living doing this. I really do love the comic medium and always have…to be able to do it as a job and work for myself would be amazing. No censorship, nobody guiding my direction. Just me and a notebook. 
Another goal would be to at some point collect all my projects in a set of hardbacks.

13307234_10208399393935163_268570006405994879_nWhat is a mistake you have made or seen done that you would warn other creators not to do?  
The thing I can’t stand is when a creator takes their audience for granted. Never do this! Although I write for myself, it’s not too much fun if you don’t share it with the world. I have found that people who gravitate towards my stuff are people who’re like minded and it’s really great to be able to meet readers from around the world and instantly know that you have similar sensibilities. Always be super appreciative of your readers/fans…they are the reason us independent types get to bring our creatations to life. Thank them everytime you get the chance. 



Well done David M. Brown you have a single paragraph to tell us why we should become fans  and what you are working on now.  But don’t tell The 7 Deadly Questions  whats in the bag let them wait with the rest of us to know :

Simply put, you should check out Fifth Dimension Comics projects because we are truly bringing something unique to the table. No cookie cutter stuff to be found. We are intersted in intense, graphic story telling and that’s what you’ll get when you pick up any 5d Comic book.

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