THROW BACK THREAD:: Mike Grossman it will take more than Banana peels to Slow Down The 7 Deadly Questions .

  • Name: Michael Grossman11222904_10204394046875158_2281906801222619471_n
    Nom De Plume: Mike Grossman (Mike is technically a nickname for the lazy)
    Contact Info:
    Location: New Orleans today, NYC tomorrow, next week, who knows?
    Credits: Goofy Froot
    Creative Title: Director of Citrus
    Favorite Comic: Gotta give it up to Sandman
    If you could have a 1 power: Essentially I want to be Dr. Doom but with control over Twitter.
    The Deadly Questions wanna Peel U like a banana Mike, tread Carefully


    Why is your your current project worth our fandom?BatmanBanana_web
    Goofy Froot, and if the name doesn’t say it all I’ll expound. It’s a unique comic, I compare it most in terms of format to the Adult Swim show Robot Chicken but all the characters are different fruits who have their own personalities like the Gangsta Grapes, Boss Banana, & Chil Pepper. So maybe like an ATHF – RC hybrid, but a Comic! How’s that for

    BossBanana_webWhat Charterer would you love to see cross over with your current project and why them?
    Uhhhh.. My gut instinct wants me to say Sterling Archer. He’s a man of highly questionable morals plus highly questionable blood-alcohol levels which would make the appearance of large anthropomorphic fruit nothing to sneeze at. And as long as he doesn’t try to turn the Gangsta Grapes into a sangria he might just make it to ChilPepper’s weekly chill out sess.

    13335827_10206248344749624_6147563205532484302_nWhat is the goal for your current project? Action figure maybe movies?
    I will defer to Yogurt tWise on this one, “Merchandising, Merchandising!” So yes, we want to take the Goofy Froot brand as far as it’s wanting to go which means a lot more comics but also tshirts, caps, and other exclusive rarities. A fully animated cartoon
    wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

    BouncyBlueberry_webIs sexuality something that will be addressed in your world, possible as a humor prop?
    Yeah sure why not. Sex is funny. A topic ripe with humor! See these fruit jokes are easy like sunday morning.

    What popular comic book charchter is just plain old stupid and you just dont get the popularity oof the character?
    Oh, you mean Deadpool? Yeah I said that. I actually like Deadpool, I liked the movie Borat too. But eventually it’s time to put away the “Can I smell” impression and realize that the reality never lived up to the hype.

    KyloRenDo you feel like comic book movies are effect comic in a bad way? Ie an expectations for comic to be like a Marvel film?
    I would say the comic book movies do have a negative effect on the Big 2’s comics. Although my childhood is with these character I feel at a core level at some point they started being business guys first and creators second. When it comes to indie comes the story remains to be written as only a few indie properties have made it to the big and small screens but 13502580_1728251100783952_5351446937138539812_othat’ll change over the next few years. I think the Walking Dead has done an overall success job of keeping Tv & comic book separate from each other’s influence. With Goofy Froot we’re native to the social media / transmedia era so I don’t see the content changing in the future. (Please hold me to this!)


    What is a mistake you have made that others can learn from ?
    I will often turn on the wrong burner on the stovetop. It’ll be a few minutes and I’m wondering what’s wrong with my eggs and why my oven mitt’s caught fire. Please learn from my grave errors and life problems and don’t turn on the wrong burner. Thanks friends.

    OSoZTALH_400x400Well done Mike you made Mashed potatoes out of The 7 deadly Questions you now have a single paragraph to to enjoy our favorite Sin:Shameless Self Promotion:



    Ok the Goofy Froot Sales Pitch. This will probably go as well as a gangstagrapesCarly Rae Jepsen opening day pitch. Have you ever seen a lifesize Banana perfectly fit a three piece suit? What about pair of misfit grapes, a pepper who smokes more weed than Towlie, or a Zen Master Pineapple whose wisdom puts Splinter to shame? See that’s only a few of the Goofy Froots. Imagine the Veggie Tales but our story begins when the movie wraps and the Cucumber goes for a smoke break with the Tomato fed up with the weak-ass scripts. When it comes to love for the Froots, real recognize real, either you are down for the ride or you can wait on the bus with the rest of Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends


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