THROW BACK THREAD: The 7 Deadly Questions call Tampa Bay Comic Con to small to attended .

The 7 have deiced to skip Tampa Bay Comic Con sighting that the venue is to far away from NYC for too little of a Con.  They say maybe if the Con works out in the off season they may attend next year, as well if anyone shows up worth interviewing they will test there Questions Over.

Now of Course Written Sins does not think Tampa Bay is to small or not good enough.  We are sending 2 members of staff to cover the event. 1 being the Creator.  As well and as usually WE apologize for The 7. WS would have come to support the event but he has His court Case on Friday and is still on the no fly list because of what happened during mega con.

So Tampa Bay we are send two of our Best Let the 7 miss out on this amazing con

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