THROW BACK THREAD:: Changes come as we live and learn This is the Creative Process: learning From your Experiences based on The Written Sins Network .

Evolution is the ability to adapt to you environment. As  business men and women we must modify our strategies as we grow and expand.  This is about Marketing and not creating your comics, However listening to feed back from fans is just as important when it comes to creating comics, but for now this is about Marketing more.

So 90 days ago we began to broadcast from this site, tracking viewership and feedback we have changed constantly to keep up with you the fans want to read and see. We have not gone a single week with out trying new stuff.  Wit that in mind here are some updates and we will share the reason why the change is being made:

As Many of you are aware we have suspended doing interviews on the weeks.  This was because of lack of viewership over the weekends. This trend has kept up and will now be a practice we following.  There may be Special Weekend Interviews for special reasons but for now we will no longer do weekend interview releases.

For now we will be doing 2-3 interviews a day during the week depending on how many we have ready to go. Currently we are waiting for 20 interviews to come back.  Some are months over due. There are times where we get to many interviews all at once to get them out in a single week.  For now when this happens we have adapted the plan simply not to seek more interview to we clear the work.  If we start doing so many we can’t keep up we may push to 4 interviews a day but will not go to the weekend until the Winter.  We may try to do this in the winter because so many people spend more time at home during that time of year. So a lot of trail and error went into this, we watched the hit counts that showed us how to move forward properly. is now longer going to be releasing new content.  It will be used as simply the virtual Artist alley and show floor of the Online Comic Con know as the Written Sins Network.  This come because of the feed back of our members in our Facebook group here.  The reason for this is 2 fold. 1 the site never took off.  The name is confusing and fits better as a Virtual  Comic Con homepage after all that is a production of the Written Sins Network . We tired to give it a more active role it did not work.  So we are moving on but finding a way to uses it in a way people will enjoy it.  the Second part of this comes down it just better to have all people looking towards on site for content.

A few changes to the Daily’s:

Art of the will continue but not on the Weekends.  On the Weeks ends will will pan other things to do such Comic of the Week unviels

The Creative Process as well will now be a week day thing.

The Daily Polls we tired where kinda Flat.  So we will use polls as a feed back tool and not do daily one just ones that are important to us for feed back.

Moving on

We will NOT BE POSTING ABOUT MIN STREAM COMIC BOOKS UNLESS it is something From a Comic CON.  At Comics We will delivery the News we hear and pass it on.  This will be done very limited and the goal will be to give you the content that might be missed.  But the Goal of Written Sins has been and will continue to be about Indie Comics


We have capture well over 300 cosplay Pictures.  We will Be doing a NEW DAILY COS PLAY PICTURE called COSVIEW:SPOTTED. These are Pics someone in the Written Sins Network staff has taken at a Con.  This is being Done because we have so much content we arent using.  Sadly we wont be able to tag many of those we took pics of. Despite Reaching out to them or giving them  a card we never heard back from them.  So we will showcase their fandom with out sadly tagging them. Maybe this will reach them.  While a Daily Venture it will follow the WEEKDAY not WEEKEND posting schedule.

We have fallen in love with the weeklies like all of you have.  Over the last few weeks you have seen on the weekends the MVL (most Viewed list) and other repackaging of interview and combining them.  This has worked great and we recived great feed back on them.  And So EVERY weekend we will be running some specials based on things 3 weeks behind.  The reason for the delay will be to not double post the same content.  Now the truth here is as of now we are using Facebook and groups to promote the creators but lets be honest often these post don’t get seen by moss people.  We all get 100 things to view every time we log on to Facebook.  Having a way to show an interview a couple more times is a great thing we just need to be creative with it and find a way .  It also helps spread the Word about the Written Sins Network.

Finally we are as always open to people wanting to join the team, keep in mind we are a free site done as a fan project for the Indie Comic Scene so its done as a hobby and for fun not for pay. for me its threapy

If you have content you want to share with us or want to be interviewed simply Reach out to us at and we will get back to


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