Life in Space – A Comic Book Anthology created in 100 days by artists who’ve completed The 100 Days of Making Comics challenge started by Kevin Cross. 2/4/18


Over the course of 100 days, 20 comic creators from the 100 Days of Making Comics group each set out to create a short comic or pin-up based around the theme “Life in Space”

  • Jerry Gonzalez (Sam & Eddie)
  • Carrie Schurman (Grob The Great)
  • Holly Brown (Purgatory, Paranormal Plague)
  • Mike Emeritz (Space-Cat, Legend of Space-Cat)
  • Casey Roberson (Jimmy Jone)
  • Marshall Lee (Glyph, 12 Stories)
  • Chris McQuinlan (Monkey Junk, Nevermorrow)
  • Noah ‘Ox’ Baas (I Never Forgot)
  • Dalibor Zujovic (Wolfpack)
  • J. Allen Ratz (Lady of the Flame, Sci-Fi Guardian Frogs)
  • Yannemal (Fosphor)
  • Patrick Brown ( The World of Ruan)
  • Adam Lore (Toad Road Comics, Birdmouth)
  • Gazbot (The Horror A4)
  • Scott Serkland (Young and the Dead)
  • Karyn Lewis Bonfiglio (Kitty Wars)
  • Lenwood Brown III (Jakes, Frequent Flyers)
  • Sasha Fitzgerald (Chimera)
  • Johannes Vick (Steel Wool)


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