Seed Seekers Volume 2 First two issues You’re going to be a huge part of the team by discovering new worlds for our characters! You’ll be a huge part of Seedseekers! 2/3/18

Now that the SeedSeekers have found their balance they are going to face more challenges by learning from their past to help them overcome obstacles to reform their community.  Follow the characters in this second installment of the series as they make their way into becoming strong through friendship and understanding!

With your support and feedback we can help make this a great comic series for everyone!

This is for volume 2 iwith a focus on two issues of the series. Since this will be a lengthy project I will face the numbers on separate projects with lower fundings. It is to focus on two comics in this volume for those who want to test the waters of this story!  I will be adding more free comics and gearing to free ideas on my website so everyone will be able to get a read and follow on the series but through my kickstarter I will be able to fund the project with your help!  I must do this to help get the name and word out and you will be the given few to help me as a team to get the seedsters out there!

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