If you do not know who Dirk Manning is than you don’t know Indie comics, so let me catch you up.  There is this guy Name Dirk Manning and he decided he wanted to Write Horror Comics. This was before the Walking Dead was on AMC and before horror came back into style. He was warned horror comics would never sell but he choose to follow his creative dream. Now a decade later Nightmare World is a well known horror series in the Indie Comics Convention Circles.  In fact Nightmare World and Dirk are both Staples at NYCC Artis Alley. Dirk is also a  Creator of many other titles including MR Rhee which is your typical story of Boy meets world after armageddon and bad thing ensue, you know a family story if you want to scary the kids and even the parents…

But wait there is more….

   Now as an Indie comic fan or a Creator  of Indie comics he is a must  follow.  I didn’t read Horror or like Horrors but he made me enjoy his Horror stories, with a well written story that scares you to your core with his twisted tales.  But as great of a Creator as Dirk is the man behind the creation is so much more than a story teller.  He is an inspiration to those who know him.  He wrote a Book called Write or Wrong and it not only changed my life but the lives  of many other creators smart enough to his read. His real world advice changed how you look at creating comics. And know he isn’t just selling you a book he does panels and gives up a lot of his time helping creators across the globe.  He  always makes time for his fan base and is always giving great advice to fellow creators no matter their Experience level. DIRK is that guy that when he speaks you listen.  And it isn’t just me who feels this way and that was clearly shown with a RECORD setting Kickstarter he Ran for Nightmare World 4.  Raising over 50k in 30 days, and knowing  Dirk, I would bet he still had out of pocket expenses on  the Kickstarter as he is always eager to give back to his Dirkers.  

So wether you read Indie comics or Make them,  Dirk Manning needs to be on your radar and we should all be thankful that a Dirk was Born a long Long LONG time ago.

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