A Very Special Happy Birthday to a real life Hero for Indie Creators: Mike Negin .

For those of you who do not know Mike Negin is responsible for running the best Artist Alley in the world at Reed Pops annual NYCC (New York Comic Con).  He runs this AMAZING Artist Alley (Mike wouldn’t the name  Creators Alley be more welcoming to creators, publishers, writers and ancillary  players?) at NYCC that has raised a very large sum  of money for Saint Jude’s and other charities over the years. And no matter which creator  I talked to about NYCC Artist Alley all of them say the most wonderful things about Mike Negin.  We got to watch him as he  interacted with his staff and other creators in the Artist (Creators) Alley and we saw how truly a great man Mike is by how he interacts with those around him.  NYCC is a pressure cooker but for a Diamond like Mike Negin it anit nothing. So all of Written Sins are very honored to know Mike Negin and be able to cover the stories of his charity accomplishments, just  this past year that story became a Top 10 stories of 2016. Mike you are a HERO to all the Indie Creators you helped and will continue to help while running one hell of a Artist (soon to be Creators?)  Alley In  the BIGGEST COMIC CON of them ALL NYCC.  Sign up for NYCC news letter HERE to get all updates on 2017.

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