Tomb of Horror Vol 5: 92 pages and 12 stories of macabre dark tales of terror in comic book form 2.17 . .

 Tomb of Horror is back with a fifth volume of terrifying tales that guarantee to send shivers down your spine. Volume 5 collects 12 stories from indie comic creators all over the world. With 92 pages of illustrated comics this collection, horror fans should find something for them in this book. The book will be published by Swampline Horror Comics.

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A Zombie Story – Patrick Halpin and Christopher Matusiak

Caverns of Despair – Troy Vevasis, Nick Valente, Matt James and Adam Wollet.

Crime in Durweston Street – Abraham Martinez and Adrian

 I dig your grave – Eric Palicki, J. Christopher Gruelich and Kyle Parker

I Survive – Nick Zaberiek, M C Carper and Nikki Sherman

 Little Gifts – Rahil Mohsin and Chris Keaton

Lost Boys – Mateo Garcia and Jefferson Sadzinski

No One Checks Out – Kim Roberts and Pietro Vaughan and Nikki Sherman

 Stone, Stone, Stone –  Adam Święcki

 The Magician’s Assistant – Kim Roberts and Aleksandar Jovic

 The Beast Goes West – Trevor Markwart

The Hunger – Paul Bradford and Allen Bryns


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