Crazy 9 – Graphic Novel / Anthology Riveting comic! Crazy 9 is a new drug on the streets, requiring the ultimate sacrifice in order to gain the power of the subconscious. 3.8 . .

Don’t Get Called CRAZY back CRAZY 9 today 

Allow your mind to wander into a vibrant urban jungle, teeming with color and excitement, where unique and entrancing characters greet you on every corner, each with their own destiny and each with their own secrets. A young woman stands in the road, running her fingertips through a waterfall of blonde hair, she catches your eye. The stainless steel barrel of a gun glistens in the moist sunshine as it rests against her temple. She pulls the trigger. She is now infected with the drug, Crazy 9. Soon she will know her destiny.”

The super-noir comic “Crazy 9” is 92 pages long!

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