InferNoct #1-4 Review

A teenage girl takes on a job as a caregiver for a helpless old man . . . you might have heard that premise for a horror story before, but you don’t know how this one ends.  InferNoct (a four-issue miniseries from Scout Comics, written by Mina Elwell, art by Eli Powell, colors by Tristan Elwell, and lettered by Marshall Dillon) is like a roller coaster:  it gets your heart pumping with fear, but when it’s over you realize you wanted it to be longer.  Each issue has some time between it, making for four very distinct chapters – I almost got a Junji Ito vibe from the narrative structure – but this is all part of the same story, that of Sam’s struggle with a nameless (at least until the end) Lovecraftian horror, and how it acts as a cancer just being in our world.  The art is perfect for the story, giving a scratchy feel that reminded me a lot of Ben Templesmith from the Silent Hill comics and Gotham by Midnight.  The colors are appropriately drab, with a military green having a strong presence.  And as someone who dabbles in lettering, I see Dillon’s work as an inspiration, particularly in title pages and sound effects.



As I mentioned before, the only flaw I see with InferNoct is that it was over too soon.  I wanted to see more of the struggle with InferNoct and learn a little bit more about Sam before it was all over.  Perhaps we can ask for a sequel . . .
In summary, if you enjoy horror (and if you don’t, what’s wrong with you?), particularly of the cosmic, reality-breaking variety, InferNoct is for you.  You can pick up yours at your local comic shop or at


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