Autism Awareness and Education needs your Help to SPREAD the MESSAGE . .

This campaign will help us provide a more safe and efficient way to transport R4. R4 is used for Autism Awareness functions such as conventions, events, parties and most importantly Autism Awareness and Education.  All contributors will have their name put on the back door of the trailer. 
All business contributors will have the option of having their logo put on the side of the trailer.  NOTE: Minimum of $50.00 is what we are asking for businesses. 
R4 is a lifetime investment and his durability and safety is our main concern.  
The trailer and design idea is featured below. 

Become part of the VOICE spreading the Message of Autism Awareness 


Autism Awareness is about education and acceptance. Educating the public about acceptance of special needs children and their value. Most Autistic children and adults don’t communicate or socialize the way typical individuals do. Autism Awareness R4-AU attempts to break the barrier and help the kids connect. They need a voice and we give them one. They are our future.

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