Time to Give Last Writes to these Kickstarters as their time runs out, and help them Launch:: Issue 7 Swords, Silver Linings, Home Coming, tombs of Horror and Radios blasting

KICKSTARTER talk reveals to you Whats Hott on Kickstarter and which projects are worth backing, not from our opinion but your own. We look at all the trailers of the Kickstarter and leave it to you to decide what Kickstarter is worth Backing.  Find the Whole List here: This Week in Indie Comics 

But for these Kickstarters time is about to run out. These Kickstarters have had their time to shine on Kickstart but their time is almost up.Will you support these amazing projects as the Kickstarter sun sets on them? 

Look in the LIST for the YOU TUBE Version of the Video 

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