Ancient Daze Issue 2 This is to print copies of the second issue of my 4 part 8bit/cell shaded action fantasy manga, Ancient Daze! 2.27

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Almost Normal Comics

Ancient Daze #2 is a 36-page, full color, 8bit/cell shaded action manga written and illustrated by Tobey Truestory.

The battle on the bus continues as two students of the same sensei savagely swing swords! As the two match skills they also struggle to recognize their own destinies amid the clashing of forged steel and scheduled bus stops! While one flashes back to her lessons the other antagonizes with threats and accusations. Soon the rumble reaches its climax and the duo won’t be the same anymore! What new surprises will be unlocked? Find the bonuses at the close of this issue of Ancient Daze!

You can unsheathe your sword and join in the action of Ancient Daze at and find even more from the creator at and

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