Rob Andersin Faces The 7 Deadly Questions


Name: Robert Gregory Anderson

Pen Name: Rob Andersin, The R-o-b and Gregory Anderson

Contact info: Iam@MRAndersin.Website

Location: NYC is in my blood but I live in Fort Myers Florida

Credits: Dark Justice , NYR, Gothic Blue, Fetish Babies, NYR, ( All of my Copy righted works) Written Sins and Creators of Written Sins

Creative Title: Creator, Writer, Digital Artist and Letterer

Favorite Comic: “I have to Credit the 1990’s X-Men as they played a huge role in me learning to read.”

If you could have a one power: Teleportation

Any Additional Personal Info: Rob is a Fan before he is a Creator. He is Married to Alyssa Anderson who is a Co-Creator of Fetish Babies. They have a son Name Jaxx Damian (Who Rob says is an amazing little Boy). Rob is an Avid Animal Lover (Rob and his wife and son own 3 puppies that they consider family) and he is an avid family man.



The 7 Deadly Questions:

Would you rather own a successfully Comic book company making modest money and living well or work for a Major publisher and get seen by millions monthly?

“That’s a hard one for sure. I can see both paths are filled with good and bad. Truth be told I would love to work for DC or Marvel due to the prestige but untimely I would choose my own shop”.

What Character(s) do you need to write for in your lifetime?

“BATMAN and X-Men. Those two are lifelong goals”

What sends you into a rage that another creator artist does while working with you?

“Flaking out. I hate it when after days of back and forth negotiation the Artist starts flaking. You Know I am not sure if I can get it by deadline but I could try as long as you pay me. Look if you want work take it. If you don’t, well than don’t waste my or your time. Time is the most precious a human gets”.

Name a bad habit you need to change?

“Truthfully I am Perfect. Hahahaha. Wow just one huh, I guess I would love to stop worrying so much over that which I cannot control.”

Would you rather a loyal fan base or Millions of people knowing who you are but no loyal fans?

“Loyal fan base, I love having my ass kissed but I hate ass kisser and loyal fans will be vocal with you good and bad.”

What is a success driven goal? IE if I get x money I am gonna get…

“A home that is paid for out right. To give my son that stability and even be able to pass it on to him is a driving force. But I know you want to know more of a bling answer so I want a tripod motorcycle. That is definitely on the list at the very top”

What current book do you think you could write better and make it no longer suck!

“So many major titles. but off the top of my head X-Men. It’s been so long since I feel that, that title was taken serious. It’s time to bring back the team and get rid of this C list squad”

Now that the Rob Andersin has Survived The 7 Deadly Questions it is time for Rob’s Shameless Plug:

“Right now I am trying to get the Written Sins Network fully up and running. I really want to be able to give something back to the creative community and I use these sites as a personal therapy as a way to ignore the daily pain. I am always writing and looking for an artist to bring my creations to life. I will have some news soon on some new projects soon. For now, I am working on Adapting Fetish Babies to a comic book as my wife is taking her part of the Project (the novel) to the Amazon Market Place this summer as a preview. She is looking toward =s the fall for a full release. I also am working with Atreyu to Get A Blue Christmas ready for NYCC. It so far will be only a written story but we are hoping a Christmas wish will be answered. Beside that I am going to All Cons in Florida this summer. Due to Disability I can’t grantee I’ll make each day but I will do my best to make all the cons in the Orange state”. – Rob Andersin

Robs’s Links

Rob’s Facebook

Creator of Written sins

Fetish babies

Written Sins on Face Book

Dark Justice

Gothic Blue



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