The Press Room


Rob Andersin is not only the Site Creator but as well the Head Reporter for the Florida Region and does write for the site in Editral fashion and does a lot of the Behind the Scenes Work. He is Credited with Creating/ Writing  Jaxx the Andersin, Fetish Babies + And They Call Us Monsters 




Chuck Pineau is new to the comic field but is hungry. In 2017, so far, he has edited two books for Sinsful comics LLC: Jaxx the Andersin, And they call us Monsters. Chuck has written a graphic novel for Cranky Angel Studios, and has written 3 issues of his own, soon to be released series, Welcome to the Void.Follow Chuck’s accomplishments here: Chuck will head up a Team of Editors as well as be an onsite reporter at Comic Cons in Texas, help us Welcoming him to the team  




Mullins Melissa-Cgp Aussie mom, Autism Speaks Advocacy Ambassador, Writer for WrittenSiNs, Cosplayer, professional prop designer, Owner of R4AU.  Mullins Melissa-Cgp   Will be covering the Alabama Cons and represent us at DRAGON CON.  She also Runs  Autism Awareness R4-AU on Facebook




The CREATIVE PROCESS:: PRESS RELEASES with a Video Presentations of how to fill it out one.



Stay Tuned as we add new Reporters and Grow our Reach