Bryan M. Revell of Enjoy Comics Faced down WS’s Seven Deadly Questions

March 13, 2017 WS 0

  Name: Bryan M. Revell Nom De Plume: Makanas Art Creative Position: Artist/Writer/Creator/ Publisher Contact Info: MakanasArtPage/ EnjoyComicsLLP/ theunseennovel/ WeKillTheDeadtheComic/ FAVORITE […]

No Picture

Satine Zillah Art Gallery

August 2, 2016 WS 0

Satine Zillah, Prague’s Supremely Talented Artist goes up against THE 7 DEADLY QUESTIONS For Being the First Interview to get over a 100 views and […]

The Video Block

July 16, 2016 WS 0

Here are all the Videos We have done so far.  We are already working on Remastering some of them as we teach the monkeys how […]