God And Humanity make Art from on up high

Click here to see NYC from the top of the empire State Building.  I am sharing this because some may never get to see this.  Getting up can take well over an hour.  We where lucky to get through quick Due to ..me. being..Disabled. I added the Pics to our Art of the Day Facebook Page which youcan get to by clicking here. Feel free to use them as inspirations for Cityshots. I am posting them as free to use. The only Pic I ask you do not use are the two with Jaxx.  Let them be for him and older Jaxx will love that we took him there when his Godfather gave up a kidney.  It was such a beautiful Day.  Props to my Brother in Law Alyssa Brother for Saving 6.strangers life.  -Rob Andersin

Look at what we got for the HQ in the mail Today….

Shipped to Rob Andersin and soon to be with us at the HQ in NYC The Few and the CRUSED has come and its looks high quality and soooo worth the cost of the Kicker!   If you did not pre order be jealous for only a min or two and than reach out Felipe and find out how to make this yours and this comic is a must have!  Another great title coming from TAP!



Think A Like Productions Table R-4

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Danny Warner The 7 deadly Question plan to make to the End of Days aren’t sure you’ll make it past them


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